Reclining Buddha: The Nirvana Pose

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Reclining Buddha: The Nirvana Pose
By: Ming's Gallery ~ 3/28/2018


From our Zen Collection: Burmese reclining Buddha that has been hand carved out of wood, gold gilt over wood, and tiny inlaid glass pieces trail over the swaying folds of Buddha's robe. Measures 35"w x 13"h - Bring Zen Home

Buddhas are depicted in many different positions and mudras (hand positions). The Burmese Buddha pictured above is in the Reclining position (Nirvana pose).

According to legend....Gautama Buddha was born in 563 B.C. in northeast India. The Buddha was the son of the King of the Sakyas, Suddhodana, who ruled at Kapilavastu, on the border of Nepal. His mother was Queen Maya. He was named Siddhartha. He lived amidst the pleasures of palace life and at age 16 he was married to Princess Yasodhara. They has a son named Rahula. After seeing a decrepid old man, an invalid, and an ascetic beggar, he learned of suffering and decided to embrace asceticism. Soon afterwards, at age 29, Siddhartha left the palace and his family and went to a hermitage where he became the monk Gautama, or as he is still called, Sakyamuni (The ascetic of the Sakyas). One day meditating under a sacred figure, he attained perfect illumination (Bodhi). He had become a Buddha. From that moment on he traveled and preached for 44 years what was to become one of the main religions of the world. He died at Kusinagara at age 80. At the time of his death, he was in the reclining position which symbolizes the moment the Buddha entered Nirvana.