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Long Life Symbols
By: Doreen & Jim ~ 6/11/2018

LongevityScreen06112018BlogPost_s.jpgAll humanity, and religions, are united by the basic desire for longevity. The Chinese developed popular philosophical depictions in the form of Immortals. The images of the Eight Immortals, the Three Star Gods, the old Immortal with the Dear & Peach of Longevity, as well as the “Fairy Girl” of eternal youth, are among the most popular.

Japanese artists tend to favor the combinations of the long life symbols of the crane, the pine tree & the sea turtle. Unique to Korea, the ten symbols of longevity existing harmoniously, known as “Ship Jang Saeng”, remains the most popular theme.

The Ten Long Life Symbols:

  • Deer
  • Crane
  • Turtle
  • Pine
  • Bamboo
  • Fungus (Herb or Mushroom of Immortality)
  • Rock/Mountain
  • Water
  • Cloud
  • Sun