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95 Front Street N
Issaquah WA 98027

Appraisal valuations, estates sales, liquidations, autions and corporate consultations.

Pricing: Verbal/Informal Appraisals
(does not include a Certificate.)

$45.00 per item, including a matched pair or set.

Pricing: Appraisal with Certificate

$90 per hour for research, preparation of documentation, labeling and/or photography.  (1 hour minimum).
$120 per hour on site



$275 per hour.  (3 hour minimum).



$150 per hour.  (2 hour minimum).

$75 per hour for labeling items for estimates, estate sales, auctions or liquidations.

$90 per hour for in-house photographer plus film and developing charges.


* Weekends and Holidays at time and one half of all above listed charges.



NOTE:  This appraisal is given with the guarantee of the authenticity of authorship of each item listed on the terms and conditions set forth herein.  Appraisal prices are determined by average-based on retail prices, reports from various auction houses, trade magazines and publications, dealer in the trade and personal knowledge.  It is specifically understood that the benefits of the appraisal are not assignable and is applicable only to the client’s name listed and not to subsequent owners or others who have or may acquire an interest therein.  The appraiser will not be held responsible for any damage during appraisal to said item.  Although best judgment is used in attributing paintings, drawings, sculpture, created prior to 1870 through the appropriate use of terms and due care is taken ti insure the correctness of entry in the appraisal, the guarantee of the appraisal does not extend to any possible errors or admissions therein.  The appraiser does not make any warranties or representation of the correctness of the appraisal or other description of the physical condition, size quality rarity, importance, providence, exhibitions, literature or historical reference of the property and no statement anywhere oral or written shall be deemed such a warranty to representation.  Should International Antique and Art Importers, Inc, its officers, their associates or agents be required ot render any additional services relating to its appraisals, estate sales, liquidations, auctions or corporate consultations the undersigned, hereafter referred to as “Guarantor”, Individually and of more than one, jointly and severally promises to pay for said services per the schedule listed on this form, the liability of Guarantor shall be unlimited.  Terms and conditions as shown on the back of the Appraisal Contract.