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Representing 5,000 years of history and tradition, journey through the Imperial Dynasties of Japan, China, Korea, Myanmar, Cambodia, Tibet, Thailand and Nepal. From historical treasures to agents, Ming's offers a collection of unique antiques, fine furniture, art & accessories. Direct importer since 1966.

Tibetan Singing Bowls: The Sound of Zen

Looking for a unique gift idea? Do you know someone who is a musician, scholar, artist, herbalist, or a massage therapist? Tibetan singing bowls are the perfect gift for just about anyone. They are still used today by the Monks of Tibet during meditation.

Tibetan singing bowls

Our singing bowls are made of a mixture of copper and bronze with Tibetan auspicious symbolism etched into the center and sides of the bowls. The monks use these bowls during meditation. Massage therapists use them to center and relax their clients before a deep tissue massage, and anyone who is interested in a little zen music to calm them during their day, a singing bowl is just the medicine needed.

OM symbol on inside bottom of singing bowl

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