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Assortment of Chinese Porcelain


We just received a new shipment of beautiful Chinese Jingdezhan porcelain. Apparently this porcelain is the pearl in the treasure house of Chinese art and culture. In it's long and glorious history, a brilliant art and craft has been handed down from generation to generation which has created masters of this craft for a number of dynasties.

During the last several years, we have seen the creation of numerous masterpieces by the artisans in Jingdezhan, who bring their talent to full play. We are also seeing new porcelain artists springing up from various schools. They vary in their style and achievements but all occupy a very important place in the ceramic art history of Jingdezhen.

In order to acquaint ceramic art lovers at home and abroad with the most outstanding Chinese ceramics, artists, their styles and achievements....we bring you some of their masterpieces right here to Kirkland, Wa. at Ming's Zen Gallery. 

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